Sky Islands: The New World Order

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Author: Prinkleton
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Legends say that the world used to be whole before the God War. The chaos and devastation that followed this cataclysmic event resulted in the flooding of Oerth and the inadvertant creation of the sky lands, masses of floating earth, miles upon miles above sea. It has been this way for millennia, but now a new age of chaos is upon the world. The last of the Gods perished over a century ago to forces unknown. Worse still, the sun and stars vanished from the night sky, causing darkness to cloak the land for three long days known as "The Long Night."
Follow the story of Geoffrey Lepons and his adventuring companions Ryu Tsubasa the samurai and Igna Vulcanos the swashbuckler as they travel through the sky islands of Oerth. Their tale begins with the group struggling to make ends meet right after the Long Night, when they found themselves stranded in the floating city of Portside. They'll encounter many colorful individuals ranging from seedy businessmen to a mad pirates obsessed with illegal whaling.
This is a slightly dramatized retelling of a heavily homebrewed dungeons and dragons campaign my group and I are playing. Updates will probably be sporadic as I scrounge notes and do my best to remember a years worth of sessions in what I hope will be a complete retelling of the story we created together.


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