D Days

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Author: treble0096
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 31
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Dragons were the apex predators of the magical world, feared for their strength and intelligence. They stood at the pinnacle of creation, until mankind fueled by fear and envy banded together and struck them down as the greatest threat to the continued existence to the survival of their kingdoms. Peace reigned for many years across the continent, until an accident in the Magocracy of Ken turned one of the most powerful mage lords into a power mad lich. Raising an undead army and creating a cult that worshipped him like a god, he cut a bloody swath across the continent in a bid to create his own domain.
A great alliance consisting of the Kingdom of Light, the Magocracy of Ken, the Forest Kingdom of the Elves, the Mountain Kingdom of the Dwarves, and the Wild Tribes of the West rose up and the high lich was defeated, his armies destroyed, and his cult scattered. Still recovering, the world is a constant state of petty power struggles and back biting between nations. Border disputes are common and the constant fighting has taken a toll on the populations of all the nations. It is in this world where the forgotten past can come back and some things are too evil to ever truly go away.
I have been thinking of writing a fantasy story for a long time, but motivational problems have been a huge negative thing in my life. So as a way to possibly get into the habit of being productive I decided to start writing. This is my first real attempt at anything longer than a few pages, so please be gentle. As such, I am not going to commit to any kind of schedule other than "When motivation allows." Also, if you see any mistakes let me know and I will fix them.



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