The Immortal Dungeon

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The Immortal Dungeon
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Author: ChAOTic_vEX
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 14
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 189
Rank by popularity: 1018
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A cultivator signs a deal with a Dungeon for Immortality!
He does gains immortality, but no one mentioned anything about becoming a floating rock?!?
So how does our poor Floating rock with Memories of Immortal World survive in this dog eat dog world? Where Adventurers, bandits, criminals, thieves are out to earn some shiny coins and Monsters have decided that a pet dungeon is THE sign of ALPHA!!
And did I mention Dragons?
Yes the fire breathing lizards. Nope?
Well adding another one to the ever growing collection of Dungeon Crystals owned by Dragons is nothing to mention about.
So how does our crystal manage to survive, while dealing with hoardes of enemies who are out for his blood..Do crystals have blood?
Follow the adventure of a poor little crystal as he grows strong enough to deal with two Gods, so he can protect his soul from annihilation.
While his journey creates ripples both big and small affecting the very fate of that world. You never know the author might end the story with a sweet little apocalypse,s o he doesnt needs to deal with a good ending?

Ohhhh...M back after leaving my previous story hanging. Dont worry will be getting to it soon.
The story is inspired from The Cultivating Dungeon as i felt author misse dout a great deal by leaving Xianxia elements out.
And finally, feel free to criticise.


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