The lineage of the Dunat Household

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Author: wisehelm999
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
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essentially its my first go at writing a story go easy on me? thank you desu......In a medivel world with swords and magic,among the many noble families there is one who has always birthed geniuses this is a story of one of those said geniuses...have fun i guess?I would like to point out aside from maybe having good spelling my english skill is ZERO.....all i got is these beautiful dots....they make my life easy....OTHER THEN THAT! i intend to make this a 80% story 20% ero kinda novel ok? buttttt for now its just gonna be......and then they had sex....why am i gonna do it like thatXD? well because i do not wanna type AHHH OHHH its super weird XD imma find someone else to do it for me~~. With that being said go easy on me? MC will grow up quickly i intend the plot to move semi fast oh and btw there will be NO tsundere and lastly.....i forgot what i was gonna say.......i hate when this happens.....ill edit this little bit later...if anyone wants to edit stuff for me tpye in comments and i will give my email or discord or somehting anywho ENJOY MY SUPER HORRIBLE NOVEL LOL.


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