Saga of The West Isle Hunt

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Status: Ongoing
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Year started: 2018


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A party, lead by the notorious Baron, Theodore Ravenclaw, hunt after an ancient wizard. After being revived from death, Theodore finds himself on the cursed West Isle. An island anyone can reach simply by heading west; whether by land or sea, heaven or hell, want or accident. It is the home of a new tree of life, which was cut down by the celestial gods; for, they feared the new world would threaten the old. Here, Theo discovers only four of his twenty-three companions still live. Unwilling to give up the hunt, he continues after the wizard, rebuilding his party along the way.
Author's note: This story is based on a campaign run in a homebrew of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. While it contains no copyright materials, I wish to note this as the reason for using D&D is to create a more random story. The kind of story where characters can die at any minute. I'm hoping this method helps make writing each chapter more fun and exciting for both my audience and myself. Depending on the success of this story, I may do another in the future.
Special thanks to Dragons in Places, TFS at the Table, and The Unexpectables who's D&D campaigns me to write this saga.


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