Primordial God Physique

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Author: Norticus97
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 35
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Rank by rating: 176
Rank by popularity: 742
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The world of five continents. It’s a world of no magic. A world were martial cultivators stand at the summit. A world where the strong prey on the weak. A world…of immortals.

Qing Yun. A name that stood at the peak of the world of the five continents. It was the name of a young man who stood between the strong. A young man known as Asura. A young man known as a heavenly saint. He killed millions, he saved thousands. He was known as the week whom the strong feared. A young man who…reached the end of his life at the age of 21.

But…it was not the end. Who was the one that spoke to him in his last moments? It was a voice that sounded so domineering that it could shake the heaven itself. It was the voice that will change Qing Yun’s destiny forever.

Being given a second chance to live, Qing Yun was reborn in this world of immortals again. With a new life and a new family will he be able to protect his loved ones this time? Will he be able to save those whom he let down in his previous life?

Follow the story of this young man on his journey to immortality and his struggle…against the heaven…


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