Morcster Chef

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Morcster Chef
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Author: Actus
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 188
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 20799
Rank by popularity: 4769
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Adventurers flock to massive crypts brimming with riches and promises of power. Heroes storm the gates of dark fortresses, their swords drawn in the name of freedom. Gods tear the heavns asunder, clashing over the fate of the realm itself. Arek cooks lasagna and tops it with a dash of finely chopped basil.
An orc who has seen more than his fair share of fighting, Arek wants nothing more than to share his love of cooking with the world. However, when Ming and her crew of misfit adventurers hire him as their full time chef, Arek's plans of avoiding violence crumble. He swore off killing for money and fame, but you can't make Wyrmfire Steak without killing a dragon.

Morcster Chef is a slapstick comedy novel that follows Arek and his new band of compatriots as they travel across the world, storming dungeons and cooking the best food that swords can kill. All the recipes that Arek uses can be found in the author's notes at the bottom of the chapter. They're all ones that I have personally cooked and vetted. Enjoy!


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