The Mortal Acts

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The Mortal Acts
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Author: Cosmoseer
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 99
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rank by rating: 20749
Rank by popularity: 4295
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The Mortal Acts is an epic progression fantasy with a lower focus on training aspects and a great focus on discovering new ways of using powers intelligently. I've always been drawn to stories where characters use their powers creatively to overcome opponents and obstacles, and I think all the possibilities can provide a great playground for twists and turns.
It's inspired by a variety of media, including Will Wight's Cradle, Hunter x Hunter, and Bioshock, so if you like the creative power use elements from those, come check it out.
This is my first serial, and please feel free to leave comments and feedback.
Riven Morell cuts short his regular life at school and home when his mother falls terminally ill. Desperate to find a cure, he travels to Severance Frontier, a desolate land haunted by hordes of ghosts, witches, and demons collectively called the Deathless.
But a miraculous cure doesn’t magically fall into his hands.
Things are worse in Severance Frontier than Riven had assumed. Ghosts are banding together into armies, demons are kidnapping anyone who strays out of settlements, and witches are enslaving everyone left and right.
Riven, of course, gets embroiled in the mess. Missions to curb the Deathless activity are one thing, but when it starts to look like this is just the beginning of a war that extends beyond the mortal realm, Riven has a hard time focusing on why he came to Severance Frontier in the first place. His mother is inching towards death with every passing day, but if he doesn’t face down the Deathless, what little civilization the Frontier holds will be overrun and destroyed.
Thankfully, it looked like the Deathless might just hold the secret of the elusive cure.


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