The World of Subcontia

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Do you like banter? Do you dislike one-man shows? Would you be interested in an incredibly strange fiction where both of those are happening at the same time?! The answer is yes, obviously. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch us talk about random things with little to no coherency?! Narratia: "Yo! I'm the narrator of this story, and also a character in it. Though, this isn't much of a story as much as it is a podcast of me and my friends having a good laugh at the wild world of our mind. Yes, our mind..."
Narratia: Please ignore what I said up there, that's not the plot of this story, silly! Hello, welcome to my world, known as The World of Subcontia! I've been given permission to do as I like here by my supreme master, Subcontia! I want to write the best most awesome world ever! Not only that, I'm going to make all the characters my own. And all of them will have awesome story arcs, and they'll have great banter everyone loves and they will all tell me I've really improved a lot and they will all be like, wow, Narraita, you're the best storyteller ever! and then I'll tell the best story, and they will do exactly as I say and they will get me tons of views, and we will all learn what it means to be human at the end of the story! This will be such a fun, exciting, and character developing adventure for all of us!


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