Tales Of Candoryn: The Hunt For Alpendaur

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Tales Of Candoryn: The Hunt For Alpendaur
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Author: anselbergyre
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
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Note: The Hunt For Alpendaur is a spin-off of my main trilogy: For The Sake Of The Realm, and takes place within the same world.
Alpendaur, an aging human sorcerer, seeks to stave off death by making a deal with an evil entity that he discovers in a cursed pool of water on a cliffside of Wolden Peak. In return for life, he agrees to kidnap elven children to be sacrificed to that same evil entity. When he kidnaps three elven children, the elven council is not in a position to pursue Alpendaur. The regime of Candoryn has recently banished all elves from the country, and they have precious little time to evacuate their settlements. When it seems that there will be no one to pursue Alpendaur and recover the children, a messenger is sent to search for Seredaine, an elven outcast, and the caretaker of the Grove Of Blades. She agrees to do what the council will not, and gathers her loyal friends for a deadly mission: the hunt for Alpendaur.


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