Ruins Of Isulia ~ Book 1 : Awakening of the Emarine (Second Draft)

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Ruins Of Isulia ~ Book 1 : Awakening of the Emarine (Second Draft)
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Author: MorseCode
Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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This is a medieval / futuristic sci-fi fantasy. Bit of romance, lots of action, and supernatural all mixed into one.
Follow the journey of Henry, Cara, Erik, and Kyburn as they travel across Isulia in search of a dark and sinister plot against mankind and their world as they know it. Tragedy, love, and war will not stop them from uncovering their past, present, and future. Aliens from another world have invaded their kingdoms, but not all is as it seems. Supernatural forces are fighting for the future of Isulia. Who is friend, and who is foe?
After many years of peace, sudden events have forced these characters to adjust or die. Creatures from the north have invaded the kingdom of Vulkira and the rest of Isulia must deal with the aftermath. Relationships will be strained. Oaths will be broken. A spiraling doom awaits them all.

I put the gore and traumatizing warnings not because my book is overly gory. However, there are a few moments that may be traumatizing to some people. As for the gore, it shows up fairly often but not extensively. I've always loved violence in movies and books, (The Boys, Banshee, Kingdom of heaven, Vikings, etc.) I am descriptive of the scenes with gore. So be warned :)
I have multiple MC and as a nooby writer, I've had a harder time writing from a female POV. Just a heads up. Don't kill me if I make the woman in my book seem weird.
I've worked long and hard and have finally finished my second draft. Still needs work but everything is complete. The story is solid and the characters are mostly rounded. There are still a few things I need to add and tweak. Apart from grammatical errors and flushing out the characters and dialogue, I'm satisfied with this version. I hope you enjoy it.
Will be adding a more professional cover soon. Also, I will be adding a map in the future (hand-drawn) but will hopefully give you an idea of the size and general locations of where characters are moving. I named every town and city to further help with locations and names. The map will be coming soon, thank you.
If you'd like to consider supporting my work, there is a link to my Patreon.


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