Retiring as an Incompetent Queen

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Retiring as an Incompetent Queen
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Author: incarnadine
Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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“Down with the villain!”The townspeople rioted at the gates while Yu Yan calmly sipped her tea, occasionally nodding and raising her fist along with the riots like she was cheering on a football match.“Down with the villain!” she hollered along with them, on the balcony above.One of the townspeople snarled, “Do you have no shame? You kill us, and then you mock us?”Oh, right.She blinked, remembering.She was the villain.Oops.It had been two weeks since Yu Yan, a lazy millionaire’s daughter, transmigrated into the body of an incompetent Queen in a novel she read.Twenty years before the actual novel takes place, the villagers are set to riot and take over the Kingdom.“Aiyoo, if they want to riot, let them riot. If they get tired, send them water. If they need more people, go send the guards to riot with them. Easy.”She’s read enough books to know that the butterfly effect is dangerous.But this time, she won’t die.“Belluse, have you made the preparations?”“Yes, Your Majesty. The carriage is ready.”Fake her death, run away to the villages of the neighboring country to her secret mansion, die there, and hope for the best.Let the male lead sort out the country in twenty years.Of course, she didn’t expect the male lead to come find her.“Uh..Your Former Majesty…”He hesitated.“Your personal attribute says ‘Immortality.’”....updates every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays**usually 600-1.2k words each chapter
also on Webnovel**contact me on instagram @enna.core for questions or just to talk


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