AK - The Alchemy Kingdom

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AK - The Alchemy Kingdom
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Year started: 2021


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Warning: This is a Kingdom Building story...
Karl always wanted to be a Mage. He was born in the Serion Kingdom, a fully pledged magic Kingdom. Seems like a perfect match, right? Unfortunately, no. He´s just a commoner, working endlessly to maintaining the lifestyle of Mages. On his 15th birthday, his last chance to escape from a miserable life was destroyed when he was deemed to have no magic potential.
For thousands of Serion´s citizens that would be the end of their dreams. But how could this story be any fun, ending like that?
Follow Karl and his friends while they tried to fight against oppression. Will the system bend them to submission or will they break the chains of destiny?
Spoiler alert! After thousands of years, an ancient Magic system will be reborn in the small Caiset village.
What should you expect?

  • Kingdom Building (For sure! The heavy lifting will come later, I promise! Foundation is important, please be patient);
  • Multiple leading characters (Karl convinced them to get on the bus, but this is a very long trip and everyone will need to drive a little);
  • Scientific Magic System (Especially Alchemy! I’m in no way trying to take out the fantasy from Magic, neither trying to major you in anything. I just feel like trying to do something more logical. I know that there will be a fine line, but I’m counting on you to keep me on track!
  • World Building (Here, it’s where a really need help. Please don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not diving without any equipment. I planned the background stories, plot, and the world. I just think that you will see somethings I missed, please help me!);
  • Fun? (I’ll try to insert some humor into the story, but that’s an experience we will go through together. Again, help me!).
    Other points I find important:
    Alchemy is mostly crafting magic tools, but it will go a little further down the road. Even if you don’t like crafting, weapon enhancing, and whatnot, don’t give up on the novel. I might be surprised about Alchemy's reach later. Also, other types of Magic will play an important role here, just not the leading role.
    I’m writing because I think I have something to contribute to the fantasy novel space. I might be wrong or it might not be for you, but if I can entertain and give inspiration to others, it´s worth it.
    I have many ideas, but I chose to write this story because I’m missing Kingdom Building themed novels that have action and use a fantasy world for the background. They say that the difference between the remedy and the poison is the dosage. So, I guess the turning point will be in dose Kingdom Building and Adventure.
    I figured that my main goal is to create a story that can entertain both the Kingdom Building lovers and the Magic Adventure/Action guys.
    Last, I’m an amateur! I’ll use this opportunity to improve my skills, but I might be too amateur for your taste. Give me a chance! If you can get past it, I’ll try my best so you won’t regret it.
    Please leave a comment! It can help me improve. If you want to help me more, support me on Patreon. I’m always trying to come up with new ways for you to participate in this journey.
    New Chapters on Monday and Friday!


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