The Last Game

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The Last Game
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Author: Burningsock
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 20535
Rank by popularity: 6612
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Twenty years of fighting, an endless struggle for a better tomorrow. Years of bloodshed to buy humanity just one more day. Decades spent forging himself into a juggernaut of steel and bone. One night that all changed.
Suddenly finding himself back at the start, Jack must answer the question, what would you do with a second chance? Would you tread the same path to power, no matter the cost? Would you walk a new path, one full of the unknown? Most important of all, what do you do when the world is set on a timer? Life as you know it will end, no matter what you do, do you let Fate have its way, or do you position yourself to pick up the shattered pieces of civilization?
Jack will grasp his chance at redemption, and protect humanity from that which slumbers, undisturbed for ages past. To do so he will have to be strong, and he will need help. Will he trust any with his dark past or will the burdens of a modern Prometheus prove too much to shoulder.
As the world changes humanity finds it no longer stands atop the food chain, how will it deal with myth and legend made real? A world of pure potential awaits those with the will to see it, and fates worse than death those unlucky few that delve too deep into the secrets of the unknown. Six paths to infinite variety. Four days till everlasting fame. Welcome to the last game ever made.



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