Chosen by the Laws

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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In the beginning there was nothing A blank slate until The Laws were created. At first there were three Laws Creation, Life, and Death each had an independant vessel filled with energy which they gained from ‘The Ruling System’, their master. Using the energy provided they created the universe and all that populated it.
As the systems energy grew with the ever explanding universe, new Laws were created. Everything existed in equilibrium until the Chaos law was formed and the balance was broken. Thus the elements now swollen in number, held a meeting to decide the fate of the universe. How will they defeat chaos and return the equilibrium which was lost.
In a small world known as Earth, A young man called Daimon Blaine was running on the Black Hills of Dakota. He was currently approching the tallest point known as Black Elk Peak. Out of breath and gasping for air he suddenly looked into the sky and saw a beam of white light shooting down from the heavens suddenly the world turned white.
Standing in the white light immobile' black writing appeared it read
"Welcome to The Ruling System Prepare for intregration".


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