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Author: Noxious
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 19
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rank by rating: 20522
Rank by popularity: 26255
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Andre’s your typical high school senior: bored to death by pretty much everything that he doesn’t like. One day, after a series of unfortunate circumstances, he found himself in vast darkness; the last thing he remembered was the paramedics shouting at him.
And that’s when she showed up.
It looked like things were about to get a lot more interesting.

Welcome to Summoned!
The story’s genre is your standard progression fantasy, isekai: magic, a system, and a level of technology suspiciously underdeveloped. I’ve borrowed tropes from various books I’ve read like “The Second Coming of Gluttony”. The similarities are there (particularly in the beginning), but I assure you the story is my own. It’s in the first-person perspective and has its own quirks, characters, and world for you to become immersed in.
The upload schedule for this will be different from the usual fictions on this site: I’ll release chapters in batches rather than so many a week. I’m a college student, so I don’t want another deadline to worry about. Depending on the popularity/demand of the series, I might increase or decrease the rate of releases. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the story!
P.S. This is my first fiction so make sure to point out mistakes wherever you see them. I’m doing this, partly, to increase my skill as a writer. However, be kind! I’m fragile, you know?

Warning: This story is intended for mature audiences.


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