Tempest & Temptation

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Tempest & Temptation
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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A 21st century Jane Austen inspired historical fiction love affair with snowballing romance, thrilling mystery and intrigue, dashed with a spice of the supernatural. It all begins with a notorious lady, a Queen of Troublemaking, and her newly employed butler who challenges her reign of terror, with an equally worse weapon----his own wicked definition of trouble.
Their collision is dramatic, fiery, and intense, and naturally a few sparks are bound to fly, aren't they?
"You can't do this to me! I'm your Master!" Erin protested and wiggled in his tight grasp. He could hardly seem to care about her objections. Instead, he snatched her chin with one hand, and pulled her closer. They were eye to eye, and nose to nose. His warm breath fanned on her skin, making her cheeks grow red. She wasn't supposed to be treated with such rudeness, and including that--she definitely wasn't supposed to feel so embarrassed and bothered by it. She couldn't believe her heart fluttered at his every touch. He's was a butler, she had to remind herself. A butler!
Not a noble man. Not at the very least, noble.
"Of course you are, my lady. But please," his dark eyes challenged her, "I implore you not to mistake my service as obedience." His smile grew wicked as he watched Erin grow nervous in his grip.
"As your butler I will do everything in my power to make sure all your need are met. However, shall you attempt to make my job hard, I will make your life hell. Understand, my lady?" He didn't loosen his iron grip on her. Erin ripped her eyes away from his intense stare. She was flabbergasted. How could this man, only a mere butler treat her, heiress to the powerful Sutherton family, like his equal.
Correction--like his subordinate.
Slow burn romance.


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