Molten Mantle

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Author: Myolthir
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 20475
Rank by popularity: 26335
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As it so happens, you wont always wake up where you fell asleep. So it appears to be for me, tonight I found myself laying beside a crack in the world. It was no simple crevice, heat boiled the water out of the air as it rose from this chasm. The sweat on my face vanished as soon as it appeared. Rising to my feet should have been impossible, same with surviving this inferno, though i had no time to consider any of it.
There was a rumbling coming from behind, I felt the earth quaking beneath my feet. Fearing what was behind yet knowing no way forward; I turned. A mass of black blotted out the sky, a mountain that once held a forest on its shoulders was now set ablaze. Molten rock flowed out like the tears of a mother weeping for her lost son, ash rained down a blanket of grey as if to comfort those it buried, and at the top of all of this was a figure. Clad in fire and ash, and rock. His foot steps leaving a trail of fire set in stone.
This being did not wander aimlessly, he was coming down from the very top. An impossible feat among men, though clearly he was no man. And I appeared to be his target, for his eyes looked into mine, as though he was claiming me. Fear filled my heart just as much as curiosity filled my mind.

  • Kara Smit


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