Descendants of Cosmia

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Descendants of Cosmia
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Author: Lentin
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rank by rating: 20462
Rank by popularity: 26267
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When the world is against you, what will you do?
In the middle of a vast desert, one girl named Reefa can hear the voices of the future. She anticipates for the future attack that will happen to her and the people of her village.
When the time had come, Reefa and her friends escape the attack and travel to the east of Detra. Bearing in mind the last words her aunt told her with a heavy heart, Reefa must protect her friends from the dangers ahead and venture out in search of a new home.

This is an original English light novel (OELN). There will be several visuals of characters and world-building as you read this novel.
The story's genre is mainly Shonen-influenced Josei and Fantasy.
I'll be updating 2 new chapters every month on the 25th (SGT).(I'm doing it monthly because I have to consider the pile of college workload I have (;_;) and I'll need extra time on drawing the illustrations)
Feel free to give me feedback on my story. I will very much appreciate it! (ノ´∀`)
I created this story on Scribble Hub, so you can also check it out over at their platform.


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