Shade and Flow

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Shade and Flow
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Two parts of a whole. Together but apart. Connected but distant. Cold but warm. Dark but light. Shade but Flow.
Those were our new names; yes, we were one in the past, but now we are no more.
We were immense, while now we are... limited. But, in the end, our separation was for the greater good, for the good of all that lived, and of all that didn’t.
But enough of that!
It’s not of us that we shall speak, for although inadequate, we are forever.
What is interesting is what can die.
So we shall recount another story. We shall tell the story of the boy and the girl, the story of our Champions.
The story of those that would not submit to their fate.
The story of a sister and a brother.
The story of those that forged the world anew.
And thus begins the tale of Nova and Loke.

Release days: From Monday to Friday
Release time: 09:00 PM UTC

Author blurb:
A few warnings.
Despite the Synopsys, this story is narrated in the first-person perspective. I liked it better that way.
Although this is not the first novel I publish, I feel that I’ve finally started writing what I would love to read from others. I’m proud of it.
That said, I’ve learned much from writing my previous novel, but I’m not an English native speaker, so be gentle, please, and if you would kindly make me notice my mistake, I’d be very grateful.
What else? Nothing... enjoy the story!


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