The Arbiter

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 27
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Tiberius Stone, aka Toaby, is an honest man. A loving husband and father who works hard as a senior accountant to provide for his family. He works for Techavant, the world's largest tech company. That was until he uncovered something the company wanted to stay hidden. Coming home to find his wife murdered, Toaby takes the fall and is sentenced to life in prison.
Forced to take an alternative form of punishment, Toaby's mind is uploaded into a virtual prison while his body is destroyed. The prison is run by AIs who take form of the Norse Gods and offer him a unique class opportunity. They offer him to become the Arbiter. A class focusing on bringing law and order to a virtual world full of the world’s worse criminals. Toaby is reluctant at first but agrees when offered the chance to communicate with the real world as a reward for a job well done.
Can Toaby bring justice to a land full of the lawless? Will he ever be able to convince his daughter he's not guilty? Can he bring down the corrupt organization that sentenced him to an eternal life in prison? Can he simply survive amongst the world's worst? Find out this and more in, The Arbiter!


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