A Generic Dungeon Core Story

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Author: Wyvern72n
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 20
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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When one falls… what happens? Do they just disappear into an endless abyss? Do they got to a final resting place to lay forever? Do they get to look down proudly upon the world from the clouds or look up in regret as they are burned and tortured? One man… person found out the hard way as he fell into a dark abyss after having surely died only to found himself awake again with most of his memories and knowledge blocked of as he was reincarnated into a 10ft cube as a small glowing sky blue orb….

 This is my first actual foray to the world of webnovels as I’ve never wrote any stories before… *cough cough * edgy horny filled teenage fanfics do not count whatsoever *cough cough*. I am very new to the world of novels and I am not a native English speaker so expect a lot of grammar mistakes. The story will update on weekends on Saturday or whenever I feel like uploading as I do not have much free time and this is only a novel I write to improve my writing skills.
 What can you expect from the story?
  • Dungeons? Of course, this is the main theme of the story.
  • Multiple leads? Yes, there will be multiple perspectives from many different characters with at least 4 main characters.
  • Gamelit? The world is ruled by a system… that does absolutely nothing other than a way to view your stats and progression.
  • Murder hole? No, the lead character has a challenging yet fair view on how dungeons should operate, don’t get me wrong as he will still kill people if they are evil, careless or overestimate their abilities but don’t expect too much death as I feel that most adventurers would be smart enough to know their abilities especially when they have to do it themselves instead on relying on skills or the system.
  • Cultivation? No, the ability to gain power from sitting still and breathing never made any sense to me and it will be completely broken if the MC gets their hands on it so… no.
  • Non-human MC? Yes, they are a dungeon after all and yes, dungeons do get avatars but it is a specialized procedure that many choose not to do. Also, if the dungeon gets an avatar, no he will not be some wish giving demigod or whatever.
  • Magic? Yes, but it is very limited and down to the ground... from my notes... which means nothing
  • Art? Yes, I’m a hobbyist-artists so expect some art sketches here and there… I am poor so I do not have line art pens or tablets or adobe photoshop… also no scanners so… pictures of pencil-sketches it is, no coloring though since I am terrible at coloring.
  • Comedy? Yes, if you can call my bad attempts at humor comedy.
  • Likeable characters? Hopefully… especially since I accidentally made like... 60 characters … how I made 6 originals into 60?… I have no idea whatsoever…
  • Adventurers/invaders/delvers/etc…? Yes! My favorite part about dungeon core novels are when delvers delve into the dungeon and reading how they react, I will definitely flesh out the delvers and show how they operate more than usual hopefully.
    Hopefully you like the story, I will not have a patreon or paypal or whatever mostly because I’m under 18, thanks for at least reading this far and I hope that my writing is at least passable and you enjoy the story… if not then at least I got some writing practice in English.


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