The Start of a Unusual Life in an Alternate Reality(Soul-AR. You know like solar)

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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"You ever wake up and just know that day is gonna be f**d?" Our protaganist is dealing with what we like to call, "Summoned Hero Syndrome", its when someone is kidnapped to an alternate reality/world/plane/or dimension and they start to narrate their life as if its a book. This is a story of his minds auto-biography. A story of action, adventure, intrigue, gore, comedy, videogames, references, and possible sexy fun times.

A.N: This is my first story and possibly my only one and it may never become finished. Please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes. Im doing this on my phone and i hate the small ass keypad. Hope you enjoy readings and even if i may not like it feel free to give your opinions and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS. I dont care for those who are being assholes that are non-helpful. I only care for the people who are helpfull. So if ur a smartass be so while helping. Also idk if im gonna add a harem. Some stories should have em while others shouldnt cause they cause a huge detraction, hope im using that right, from how good a book can be.


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