Immovable Mage

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Immovable Mage
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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What do you call a mage incapable of casting spells? In this story, we usually call him Terry.

When the boy is accepted into Arcana Academy, his talent in the pillars of mana foundation awes everyone. All the bigger is the eventual disappointment when Terry turns out to be an utter failure at spellwork.

Diagnosis? Major aspect impairment. No cure. Ever.

Faced with expulsion, Terry is blessed with the unexpected kindness of others. Terry loses his spot in the Academy but in exchange, he finds a home with a family.

Terry starts to train as a pure mana cultivator, but never stops looking for his own path as a mage – day after day, season after season, always searching for compatible spellwork…

Until finally, Terry’s perseverance earns him a single spell – the only spell he will ever be able to cast.

Chapter frequency: I aim for one chapter per week.
Editing: I try to do three editing rounds – reading out loud, reading on a normal display, and reading on an e-ink display. However, be warned that I don't have an English degree.
Binge preference: I plan for 30 chapters per arc. If you want to binge a complete arc, then that is the number to wait for. I will also add a line to chapters indicating the beginning and end of an arc.
What to expect: Progression fantasy with a western fantasy setting and with eastern fantasy elements. A main character that is forced to explore a very narrow path of magic due to a permanent condition. A main character that is a part of a larger cast. A main character that is growing, but won't become the strongest around anytime soon. A single point of view, but with introduction or theme setting scenes without the main character.
What not to expect: Edgy grimdark characters – I will never write a sexual violence scene or gory descriptions of torture. I hate reading it and I would hate writing it even more. Romance – romantic relationships will never be the focus of the story and only appear in the background. The main character is preoccupied with other stuff and it will not come up. Other forms of relationships (family, friends, companions) play a bigger role.
Cover: The cover art was commisioned from redditor Linh-Nguyen87. The font is alita brush by Inovatype Typefoundry.


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