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Author: air 12
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 50
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 20195
Rank by popularity: 27645
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This is rated R.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised; depressing elements are prevalent. This is a tragedy, and will have a dark tone, dealing with the complexity of human morality. The subject matter in this book (genocide, psychological manipulation, abuse, xenophobia) are meant to be taken seriously. They are NOT meant to be seen as melodrama, or to be inserted as shock value; the goal is to not exploit or disrespect the real life experiences others may have.
Hence why this novel may be triggering, and it is STRONGLY suggested you do NOT read this if you are sensitive to these themes. It is to explore the damaging effects of war. Do NOT read if you are sensitive to heavy traumatizing content, graphic war scenes, or mental instability. This does not appeal to Royal Road and has traumatic elements that are only suitable for a mature audience. It is merely practice before I send it off for publishing.
Ripped away from his country home as a child and raised by powerful government authorities, a young man born with hydrocyrokinetic abilities poses a serious threat to valuable water resources on his homeland, causing everything to crash and burn. It’s not until a blossoming friendship is born after enduring years of painful isolation that he must do everything he can to protect his newfound loved ones, and face his complicated past as dangerous circumstances arise.
The opinions and thoughts of the characters are not mine. If you are sensitive to traumatic content, do not read. Do not read if you are sensitive to mental illness, genocide, graphic violence, or the reality of war. If I need a break from writing, since I am working two jobs and am in college, especially during finals week, I will let everyone know when I need to take a break.
Warning: This is rated R. It will be a dark, heavy story. For those who are squeamish about blood, systematic oppression, violence, genocide, slavery, prejudice and psychological instability this story is not for you. Characters do not have plot armor. There will be very dark and heavy themes that may be triggering, disturbing, or upsetting to audience members. They are not put in for shock value, but are intended to be criticized for why they are bad and the effects they have on each character.
Hence why this a tragedy, and is a slice of death. Once again, those who do not wish to see these topics portrayed, this story is not for you.
I ask that while you critique this story, you do it in a respectful way.
All feedback, critique and suggestions are welcome; feel free to comment. I am trying to grow and improve my writing, so constructive criticism behind advanced negative reviews are appreciated. If anyone leaves a review for the sake of tearing me down or being an asshole in general, I will make sure that they get the hell off my page. I am also interested in any ideas people may have for the drafting process. In other words, if you want to tear apart my story, do it properly, please.
Anyone attacking me personally will be reported and blocked, especially as the fiction gets longer. I do not need anymore negativity or harassment. For those who take the time out of their day to read and offer helpful feedback, I truly appreciate you all, and you are the best.
You have been warned.
Thank you.


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