The Werewolf Cheerleader

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The Werewolf Cheerleader
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Year started: 2021


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Being a cheerleader is easier than being a werewolf.

Jessica Tumbleleague is a typical teenage girl who loves being a cheerleader at Moondale High. But after an encounter with a werewolf in the woods, Jessica discovers a frightening world she never thought is real. Dangerous magic, deadly fierce spirits, and other malevolent creatures. Now Jessica must fight the forces of darkness to protect her hometown while balancing her supernatural life with her high school life. But can she control the beast within herself?

Note: This is a rewrite of the original with the same name. I decided to change the third-person style to first-person because I liked Jessica's voice better. She is funny and very strong. With the story only focusing on her, I can keep the mystery suspenseful and the reader can experience what Jessica is experiencing. It is a typical YA style, but it is fun to write as your main character. There are changes, but the first and second books will be similar to the third-person chapters. Let me know what you think and I hope you will enjoy this new version of the Werewolf Cheerleader. I will post the chapters every Friday in the afternoon.

P.S, there is a Werewolf Cheerleader short story published in the Tales of Dungeons, All Hallows book. Titled The Werewolf Cheerleader: Castle and Ghouls. The short is also in first-person, which made me decide to change the book series into first-person. The link is below if you want to check it out.


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