Fountellion in The Spiral - Progression One

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Fountellion in The Spiral - Progression One
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Fountellion already exists, its ‘beta pioneers’ might say. It is akin to the ‘the Source’, our changing, natural world in the grip of evolution. But inside the virtual worlds and spaces of The Spiral it is a 'new survival adventure', but is it really a simulation, a reflection of nature? Or something more...
Its 'super-fabric' has been built to reveal nature's relevance again. Perhaps, to show to ourselves just who and what we are. But are its players ready to see?
For into this island 'game-scape' have been scattered six Insights 'in green light' for the salvation of those lost and blinded by the legacy of much darker virtual experiences.

So how do you get there? A tag-line runs:
'It's possible you have always been there - only now you will be able to see more clearly where it is you have been all this time.'

In fact, the doorway has finally appeared inside the Spiral Tower, and the first key-finders (like Dan Harvester) are already inside, and are reporting back...
And only by completing these Early Access 'super-logs' and development extracts from this game-saturated, future time - can you too discover the experience, vision and legacy of 'Fountellion'.

Progression Players!
(where one door is open already... on Amazon, 2017)


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