DARKFALL - Volume 1 - Armageddon

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DARKFALL - Volume 1 - Armageddon
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Author: Adelmarus
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 33
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 19857
Rank by popularity: 4890
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In this world Stropahines, rank is everything, If you're a low class you get treated poorly and you cannot vote in state matters
if you're medium class you're seen as civilians, you can enter schools you get to have mechs you can get A.R and V.R Gear. You will be treated by the high-class people as great and people who deserve love, and if your lucky to get a sponsor they will take care of your taxes, health, business sales, your business inventory, and Purchases.
If you're a high class you are seen as a priority you get space stations and you can do whatever you want.The Main character Özdemir doesn't feel like that is right he wants equality, a better life for his family and friends, and every low-class person.When he's been fired from his work, he goes to his house a while walking he finds a glowing USB drive.Then suddenly it attaches to his brain causing him to collapse. He wakes up the next day with floating words above him [You have entered the tutorial stage, Please read carefully]
With a vision of disbelief, he closes and opens his eyes.
[Please open the tutorial message]
"What the hell" he whispers.
He moves his hand towards these words and then
[For the tutorial stage please do 100 pushups 100situps and a 3km run, failing to do quests will have consequences.]
[Time to complete 50 Minutes, the timer starts now]
Özdemir has no response.
He stands up and enters his house, The 'words' follow him. His mother is sleeping on the sofa when he enters.
He looks at the words wipes his face and says "Do I get a reward?" He questions
SWISH[Reward is 3,000 ELO's]
Even though he's sure he's hallucinating he says "When that usb attached to my brain what if this is all real?" he thinks to himself and says "you know what... Just if I can get money"
(Hello people hope you missed me!! what I am trying to do is make it like a solo leveling type novel, This is gonna be fun this is my passion project like all my other novels so I won't focus much on comments and other things.)



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