My Happily Ever After

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Author: Deimos
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 12
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 1930
Rank by popularity: 9084
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Have you ever wondered what happens after the hero saves the world, gets the girl and becomes famous? After the happily ever after?
That's this story. One that shows the after. After our hero completed "God's" challenge and is given a gift from all existence itself. Ten wishes of any kind, only restrictions being it has to be growth related, he could get a path to immortality, or he could ask to learn something, or even to change something about his being. The only setback being a new world, a new universe, one Skyler didn't know. Still, it means exactly what Skyler has always wanted. Permanent excitement in his life.
This is a story I'm really writing for myself and this is my first real attempt at writing. I write for fun and to expunge emotions, so that will affect chapters and their releases. I'll try for at least one every week with random intervals, though it's likely to change. I'm still in school and that will also affect writing habits. I'm open to all criticism, though obviously not blatantly rude or hateful ones, just try to be kind to evryone. Please help me with any mistakes you find, add your thoughts, hopes, ideas, opinions, everything, so I can make this something we all like


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