Path of Vengeance (title in progress)

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Author: rhys rathbun
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 12
Language: English
Year started: 2020


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Centuries ago a series of portals apeared all over earth causing a massive comotion. From them came the sidhe, a race of incredible beauty and terrible power. They ignored any attempt to negotiate accepting only absolute surrender or complete destruction. Most of the world could do nothing but fall before them, but a few of earth's greatest power fought back bringing to bear humanities incredible talent for war and destruction. At the end unable to overcome the Sidhe strange powers the humans acted out of desperation and unleased weapons they had sworn to never use again. An onslaught of weapons of mass destruction drove the sidhe back and in a stroke of brillance the most powerful bomb ever created was launched through one of the portals. It destroyed whatever was creating them leaving the remaining Sidhe trapped on a ravaged earth but humanity was but a fraction of its former self and incapable of destroying them all. The invasion brought humanity endless sorrow, but it also brought them knowledge of powers they had never fathomed and the potential torise again even further.
In the current age humans live in massive cities protected by domes created from the fusion of human technology and the mystical energies learned from studying the Sidhe. Jax is a powerful young mystic consumed by a quest for vengeance and burdened by terrifying responsibilities. His search for retribution leads him to Phoenix City a great bastion of humanity, built on the ashes of New York where he encounters Alia a beautiful special agent investigating a mass murder be believes was caused by the man who murdered his best friend. He is drawn to her immediately, unfortanately her idealistic notions of justice and morality continually interfere with his plans to crush anything and anyone in between him and revenge.


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