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Infracto Animo
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Pain. Lies. Betrayal. Deceit. Struggles. Sufferings. Humans are an Embodiment of Sin. They Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill, Threaten, Rape, Betray, and Blackmail. All of this in order to sate their Greed, their Lust, their Envy, their Wrath, their Laziness, their Gluttony and their Pride. As such, Humans go to incredible lengths to achieve their goals. This reaches the point where it can be called "Inhumane". But if Humans are an Embodiment of Sin, is there really such a thing called "Inhumane"? They say "God created us all equal." and "We are equal in God's eyes." yet why are there many people who are poor, sickly and deformed. Did they do something to be punished as such? Even before they were born? Is there really such a thing called "Equality"? Is there really such a thing called "Peace"? Is there really such a thing called "God"?
This is a story about the pain, struggles and sufferings of a man bound in a loop of never ending hatred and betrayal. Will he break the loop and end his ordeals? Or will he accept his fate and accept the loop? Light and Dark; Good and Bad; Angels and Demons; Abyss or Utopia. What will the man choose? Succumb to Darkness or reach out towards the Light. Now his story begins...

This story is pretty grim and depressing with vivid violence (gore on the later part). Sexual content is included but I don't plan on making this an ero-novel so it will just involve rape and (not-so)normal intercourse. MC starts normal and simple then turns anti-hero but... well, let's just say he won't stay that way but he also won't be a "good guy". Just a HEADS UP, I am not into satanism or cults or anti-christ but some themes and dialogues here are related to demons and stuff like that so to those who will read this, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This story is a fictional novel by which is created by the author's own words and thoughts. Any person, circumstances or happenings that are written here is purely fictional and does not relate to anything that might coincide with the plot settings and characters of this story. This story is the manifestation of the author's (my) own understanding of pain, deceit, struggles, betrayal and suffering but it does not represent the author's (my) own experiences in life.


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