Wandering Among the Fates

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Author: luckyben456
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2020


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The end is often unexpected and when it comes down to it and very little of you is left afterwards, so when you do die what is left is your trace, your mark on the world. Or at least that is what is suppost to happen but existance is nothing if not unpredictable so when some die, death is not the end. Some are reincarnated by bored gods, some have grand fates where all other factors such as death are ignored to drag them towards the enevitable and some, well some are left behind.
There soul unmoving and time passes left alone to their thoughts and the fate of these souls is often to fade away slowly as the thoughts and emotions that make them up slowly disperse, as these thoughts slowly cease to matter as time wears away at there importance. And then some mutate and change to create something that refuses to fade and and creates more of it self such as a grudge that make more of itself the longer it last's, that is what ghosts are a grudge that makes more of itself to grow and eventualy it could do something but in this world, the world that the question was asked no matter how large the grude it is only able to continue to grow until it can no longer contain itself. Then there are some souls that do both, they lose everything else and fade but have something that drags them forward a single aspect that they can't let go off but instead of having it growing it shrinks getting rid of part after part, refining what makes them, until they are either refine there soul to the point that what is left is the same as any other and as such what is left is worn away or what is left is something they cannot let go, a single aspect that cannot be removed and imutable as existance.

Authors Note
A few things to admit, iam rather bad a spelling and grammour overall so don't expect to much but i will try my best to get rid of any mistakes the best i can. The second thing is iam mainly writing for fun and as such the story may end up the type that would be fun to think of in your head and write but absolute hell to read, in which case i apologies in advance but again i'll try my best to make it interesting for anyone who picks up the story.
Many thanks


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