Thorned Rose

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Thorned Rose
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Author: Angel2B
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2020


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War is nothing but a thorned rose - beautiful to gaze at, yet scarring when approached. In the old world of Teurora, a new conflict looms on the horizon, bringing the land's two largest superpowers, the Teuroran Union and Sudveria, to a brink of a fight for valuable, yet scarce crystals imbued with properties many claim to be magic - Cyberian. Used for hundreds of years, but never fully understood, these mineral are the foundation of today's economy and industry. The one to control their sources is the one to rule the world.
No war is fought without people, however - and every one of them spills blood. Eliza, a fresh soldier belonging to Squad 4 of Teuroran Union's military, will come to realize it soon enough. She joined this fight with a single reason - ensure everyone she knows comes back home in one piece. Now she will remain here until it is done, trying to survive the awake nightmare, no matter the cost.
This is not a story about glory and valor. This is a tale about people and their fears, how conflict shapes them, what they would do to forget the horror and live their lives, which people they would come to love or hate. A look into a mind not spared by the thorns.

Thank you for taking an interest in my fiction! I tried to write one which shows the everyday lives of people during war in a low fantasy fictional world, their fears and thoughts, not just the battlefield. Thorned Rose requires no real knowledge about military, as I attempted to write it to be as accessible as possible. Due to this, it does not attempt to try and remain realistic at all times - creative freedom for the sake of the story is abundant - but does not try to go overboard either.
Content warning: The story might contain a few more or less graphic scenes involving death and might tackle disturbing topics. Content warning will be put in author's notes before the chapter if it contains any.
I'd appreciate all ratings and feedback - negative and positive alike. If you can, spend a moment to write a short review as it will help me develop my writing. That said, thank you again and enjoy!


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