The Secrets Of Dragons

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The Secrets Of Dragons
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Year started: 2020


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There is a lot to say about human nature. About how we adapt from our environment and how every decision we make changes who we are, day to day. I remember the earliest days of my childhood. You know, the ones where every adult always asks the meaningful question. What do you want to be when you grow up? Fireman. Astronaut. Veterinarian. Doctor. Nurse. Personally, I wanted to go to the ocean. I wanted to help the aquatic life; dive with the sharks, swim the coral reefs. I was so innocent. I was so pure.
I was an idiot.
"Goddammit, Jay." A sharp tug on my elbow. "Pull yourself together."Still, the thoughts that consumed me left my body lifeless and frozen. You would think I would be used to blood coating my hands. The scarlet liquid had become such a part of my life, that I had never wondered what it would feel like outside the presence of the ring. Now, with a cold body just at my feet, I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. Time stopped, and Ryker wouldn't stop yelling.
"Could you shut up and let me think?" The exhale was incomplete, unsatisfying. Ryker flanked my six. My brain had left the planet entirely. This was not in my job description. Or maybe it was and I had just left myself blissfully ignorant. This was now my problem, and my problem needed an immediate solution.
Think, Jaylyn, think.
"He was dead when we got here, Jay. Couldn't you just tell the boss?" Rye whispered towards my backside.
"You want me to call Black right now? Sure. Hey, boss man. Sorry for the interruption, but your son is dead. His body is still warm, so we just barely missed him. Still want me to pick you up around seven like we agreed?" I scoffed. "Would you like to sign your death certificate now, or later?"
"Dominik will..." Ryker stopped before he had even begun. He knew. He knew we were . The whole Company knew we were . This was a setup. We will be hunted like dogs. The hunter finally becomes the prey.


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