His Majesty's Immortal Academy

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His Majesty's Immortal Academy
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2020


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When you wake up in a new world, you expect a certain kind of… reception. So what happens when the perfect opportunity turns out to be the last thing you ever wanted?
Ænerith is a world of adventure—where the common man can cultivate to gain a Class and Skills. It's a place where wars are waged over resource-producing Dungeons, and Monsters threaten deadly otherworldly incursions. Grandest of all is His Majesty's Immortal Academy, a mobile Bastion and center of learning for the best warriors of this, or any age!
However, will the pitiful fool who was dragged into this world be able to climb the ranks and stand astride the world to declare themselves the greatest of them all!?
I mean, honestly? ...probably not. That would be ins—

Wait what was happening again? Eh, never mind—new chapters release on Tuesdays but please mind the tags!

Okay, fancy intro done! Here are a few important warnings about the story: I'm a new writer so please bear in mind the quality of the writing will be questionable (I have a lot to improve on). More importantly, the story contains sensitive topics such as mental illness, self-harm, loss of loved ones, and body-dysmorphia.
If you're sensitive to these, or related topics, please avoid this story. It was written as a means to express helplessness and the struggles to break free, not to reinforce it. However, while it's realistic in its fantasy, this isn't a Grimdark or gritty tale. There is hope, and the story is about the pursuit of it.
Final note: The sexual content tag is for language (for obvious reasons—if you read—there are zero sex scenes involving the MC). Also, please don't go into this looking for the common Isekai tropes of harems, OP protagonists, or wish fulfilment. Unless your wish is to trip into an alleyway whereupon a gaggle of thugs beat you to within an inch of your life with damp pool noodles. Then, by all means! Enjoy the overwrought drama and poorly written feels.


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