Gears Of Rust

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Author: SlyOkami
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 1696
Rank by popularity: 2768
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An adventurous story within a post-apocalyptic Earth, with a new twist to the cyberpunk sub-genre. Merging together the post-apocalyptic scenario with Sci-Fi elements and some Fantasy.
Follow young Jayce's misadventure through the hardships of survival within barren lands and others, fighting for one's dear life against impossible odds and finally...something else.

Beyond the end, there is new beginnings. If anything is left to start it out...
The world has long ended, for what reason nobody remembers. Society has taken several steps back, as people learned to live within the barren lands they were left with. Survival is an everyday struggle within the village cut off from the rest of the world.
Even for Jayce, a young boy of fourteen.
Everyday was the same for Jayce. Wake up then wash within the mildly clean water and then dress with whatever tatters remained together. He'd eat a somewhat satisfying meal of whatever rodent his traps caught during the night or what leftovers his employers didn't wolf down at dinner yesterday.
The rest of the day? Clean, do chores and...clean some more.
Jayce was a servant for the village's guard, an honor they told him. But he didn't believe all that, he knew he was just another poor runt nobody could feed yet nobody could watch die on the street either...or well...nobody wanted to clean up the next morning.
Water was limited per day by the masters, food even more so but more due to lack of. Yet the village of Oasis made due, no matter what. It was a rather large village, surviving mostly off the actual oasis it was built over. The village's iron buildings twisted and rose above the water, held up by large wooden platforms and pathways. Several hundred meters, so high up that falling would lead to instant death.
Even if you landed in the water, which you most probably would anyway. Unless you were...Ahem...thrown at an awkward angle.
Every day was the same...But one day, everything went as wrong as it possibly could go for poor little Jayce.


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