The Chronicles of the Scyllians

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Author: Ambush
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 82
Language: English
Year started: 2020


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 17125
Rank by popularity: 29681
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Set in a fantasy world, the story features an ever-expanding cast of characters try to survive the trials and tribulations of Majin Academy: an academy that serves as a training ground for the next generation of mages, prioritizing practical training - and a school, an academy, that is willing to relinquish their centuries of power and influence to give the reins of control to the students. Students whose aim is to make their lives more interesting by their own hand in a school that for so long had guided their own towards society. And whose own have now taken it upon themselves to guide their fellows to more trials; trials accepted and sanctioned by those who want to see how far their own can prosper.
What fate will happen to those that try to take control? And what fate will be pressed upon one who is taken for a ride, seemingly always in the center of the chaos? This is their story.

Author Note: this story has been pre-written (and free-written... and not finished) up to the point of breaking the standard Notepad application. Grammarly will set my laptop aflame, I'm fairly certain. And I don't have near enough patience to edit all that I've written to pristine grammatical ends (note the above: free-written).
Previous cohesivity editing passes took three straight weeks.
I'll be posting batch uploads, regardless. Possibly with absolutely zero regularity in terms of scheduling. I'll try? However, I've committed to getting the first (however inadequately) edited portions up which... may take a while. If I recall correctly - IIRC or some other such acronym -, then it'll be 1.3 million words (less the notes which I'm too lazy to do a word-count subtraction for; b/c, mathe-... ma-tronics...? Yeah.). But please read the preface to see more. Forgive the less technical aspects - and more atypical - since it's tiresome to write such things. (That intro was dread-inducing to coax myself to write.) I modelled it after a character interaction you may come across if you delve far into the content.


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