The Mansion in the Woods

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Author: Floris
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 38
Language: English
Year started: 2020


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 17008
Rank by popularity: 9575
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In a world of mystery with dozens of races, known and unknown, the young Priestess Glissandi sets out into the world, acccepting her sacred task of missionairy. The young, intelligent woman is accompanied by the wise and careful Paladin Lissa, the young, experienced and reclusive Knight Trista and the two over-eager and talented Squires Mira and Mina as she sets forth on a grand adventure, only to quickly run into what seems to be a deep conspiracy, stretching back to one enigmatic person.
Determined to bring him to Light and justice in the Lord's name, she ignores the warnings al around her and goes chasing after a being who everyone fears, but is she really prepared for the truths she will encounter on her journey?

Sanguilia, Guide extraordinaire and strange woman all around, is accompanying a trade caravan when disaster strikes. At first glance she is no more than a Guide, which is no lowborn title itself, as it represents individuals who are capable of traversing the unknown wilds and are well versed in the languages of the land and its inhabitants. As she enters a city on her way home, a new, massive problem rears its head. Accompanied by a bar wench, who is far more than she seems, the mercenary Orc, Daenan and his tiny, flying companion, Faen, all with their own plans and agendas, they seek to tackle a monster in the shape of a man who controls the city.

In the depths of the woods, far away from what humanity sees as the centre of civilisation, the lone, independent city of Lanas prepares itself for war, for the Kingdom of Maldora has set its eyes on them and their wealth. A cry for help goes out and bonds long faded into obscurity are renewed. And the world quakes when their calls are answered.

Melena, once a slave girl, resides happily in the Mansion and is slowly getting used to her new life, where equality seems to rule. Until a noble's son decides that her very attractive body is something he should own. When the enigmatic master of the Mansion decides to personally deal with the rulebreaker, her world is turned upside down as she stumbles upon ancient mysteries that threaten to overwhelm her. Luckily she finds support in her once-liberator, now turned friend, the happy-go-lucky Evon, who carefully hides his past, the ghost-like Khrast, Kreya and many others.

It is a tale of adventure, of lies and deceit, of love lost and found, of bravery and cowardice and where every one of our heroes and villains alike strive to find the answer to the same question; Who is the being behind the Mansion of the Woods?


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