Requiem of the New World

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Author: Ceaser99
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2020


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Zero Hour, is the name of the event given that day. Some even refer to it as AA0, simply put in Latin Anno Apertio, or in English the year of opening. That day the earth shook, that is not a metaphorical impression of the events of that day, but a quite literal one. Scientist of the last age had already theorised the existence of other dimensions, however in Zero Hour their existence became fact, as these dimensions came into existence on earth. With them came certain geographical changes, such as the earth seemed to have been gaining size, continents started to shift, and the climate became more erratic from that day on. However most disturbingly of all, otherworldly creatures, started to creep out from these dimensions. Not to mention the human crisis known as the, “Awakening” started to happen. People started to show signs of inhuman powers, for the lack of better words. It could be said that earth faced a cataclysmic event. This story centres around two people. First a human whose body has been severely cyberized, due to an accident which occurred during earths opening days. Secondly an awakened human who undertook guerrilla like warfare, in another dimension. The human is heavily in debt to a private defence company, who have loaned her the cyberized parts. The awakened one, works for the same company only in a more direct manner, as the new law complies him to do. Their relationship is that of guardian and asset. The human has to protect the asset slash the awakened, from threats that he might face. From himself, such as the potential backlash from the warfare environment that he came from. To the backlash from a society that, both despises him for his abilities, yet also desperately needs him, because of them.
Author NoteWhy am I writing this? I always wanted to write a book. Secondly, I also need to get up with my typing speed, so it is a, “two birds with one stone” type of situation.Why the vague intro?I have a rough path as of how I will be writing this book, but nothing is definite as for now.My release policy?Two chapters a week, hoping for three, but no guarantees there.Will I finish?Yes.Feedback?Yes please, as much as possible over anything and everything.
Now on a more personal note. I will try to describe the environment of my two protagonists in more detail. It might be boring the first couple of chapters, why? Because as readers I want u to experience more than, he kills this or that, he did that or this, levelled up, that kind of thing. My protagonists are not, re born celestial entities, or have some sage guiding them, or have immeasurable luck behind them. No, they are above the norm, but not so above it, that they can fly over every obstacle that they face.


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