Just Don't Shoot the Quartermaster

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Author: McKing
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 29
Language: English
Year started: 2020


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Aliens are real! And monsters! But that's racist, don't call them that. And there's magic too!

The life of humble, hard-working Carioca*¹² Rafael Barro is thrown into disarray when the interstellar Multi-Unity Alliance comes knocking. During the negotiations to take Earth in as a Protected Member-Planet for the glory of our AI overlords, the aliens ‘accidentally’ break the Veil that keeps the mythics protected from humanity’s knowledge, revealing the creatures of legend and myth that were hiding among us for millennia — from the doorman to global leaders.

After a series of mishaps in his ever chaotic Brazil, our intrepid hero decides to join the Unity's Army, where he ends up as a inglorious… quartermaster. The Unity takes all recruits to make matters worse, including the mythics! And the cherry on the damn pie is Rafael Barro’s extra assignment: writing this historical first-hand report on the wonders of Earth’s diversity, the seamless adaptation of all its members, and on his gallant units’ first stellar expedition ever to defend another precious*³ world! Are we talking about the same planet?

(Reader discretion is advised; Contains Graphic Language and Potentially Excessive Swearing)

¹ Carioca = demonym of someone from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ² humble and/or hardworking Cariocas = not necessarily mythics, ordinary ones actually exist.
*³ precious = inasmuch every living planet is precious.

Editor's Note: Someone disable his permission to edit the draft on UnityDocs, please!

Hello, I'm McKing and I aim to write an original story with elements I've never seen put together before. Feel free to point out any mistakes you see — I'm not a native speaker, so I'm sure a few will pass me by.
Sci-fi; Humor; (Brazilian) Urban Fantasy; faint shades of LitRPG
I hope that you enjoy it and that I can grow as a writer with your contributions.
No Fixed Update Schedule. My inspiration comes in bursts and so will the Chapters. Sorry if that displeases you (I love regular updates too), but I'm afraid that's the best I can do.
Keep in mind that it is a work in progress and things can eventually change a bit - I'll try to always note the changes.
I hope you enjoy it,Mcking


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