Worldfall Astraea

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Author: cynzfirefly
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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It has been approximately twenty-five years since the advent of full-immersion virtual reality pods. Artificial intelligence on the level of independence is also available now. It is a case of Sky-Net will not occur because of all the counter-measures and unless someone programs an A.I. to do so, then there will not be a terminator movie coming to life.
Despite with all these advances, society is still stumbling along the second millennium. People live their lives normally like always; going to school, going to work, going to play, chatting from friends… and playing full-immersion virtual reality games with complete-body capsules.
Worldfall Astraea is the newest, most anticipated ultimate full-dive virtual reality roleplaying game in the year 2075. This game is not only for made for normal entertainment, much of the systems are also customized for professional gamers that use and earn real money as well.
This is a story, however, of one special player that had become integrated into the main storyline, giving rise to an epic within the game that intrigues both the developers and gamers alike. The intrigue soon spreads beyond the game and into reality, where a single person, regardless of what others may say, can make a difference.

This can be considered a reworked, off-shoot rewrite of Polaris Dark with a unique style and storyline. One of the other reasons I dropped the Polaris Dark is because it already had a couple of mishaps that felt a bit like a Deus-Ex-Machina. The profession choice and quest line of the main character was also a bit too unrealistic. The main character from Polaris Dark and this story will be similar in their current life but there are very prominent differences in the lives of both.
This is a slow-releasing series as I have much to do for school. Please do not rush my work as it will have no effect on my writing speed and spare time for writing.


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