Swarm: A post-apocalypse urban fantasy story

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Author: Pete Andrews
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 67
Language: English
Year started: 2020


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 13464
Rank by popularity: 6357
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A full synopsis will be posted upon approval of the book (I would prefer to add it as a separate entry to this opening chapter)

Ricardo 'Rick' Reyes, a 3rd generation English-Spaniard, is getting older, slower, and his health is deteriorating. He is estranged from his parents and one of his sisters, has been alone for a long time, and most of his friends have moved on with their lives elsewhere in the world. Wishing he could be in better circumstances, he starts looking online for anything interesting.
An article on a new startup near his home town near Milton Keynes reveals that this company are on the cusp of inventing new nanomedical technology. News outlets are talking about human trials being decades off, but something prompts Rick to contact the company responsible and put his name forward. After dismissing them from his mind, some months later, he hears back.
He has been invited in to discuss his interest, and in doing so, he is given an unusual opportunity to take part in the first, highly-classified human trial of a nanobot infusion. He, along with many around the world, are selected to undergo this trial to see if they are effective at reversing health conditions.
As part of the process, he will be subjected to a series of tests, including some physical, some injurious, and some mentally stimulating. Eventually, he is put into a cold-sleep capsule to see if the nanobots can keep him healthy while he is frozen.
He wakes up an untold amount of time later, to find everything had changed. The world around him had become something else. Technology, while still present, had taken a back seat, as the nanobots have made technological assistance less of a requirement. However, a number of other unintended consequences have occurred, and society had collapsed worldwide, reforming into something very different.
Now, Rick must rediscover himself in this new world, find his purpose, and hopefully find and meet with others like him from the old world.


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