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Author: Dualbee
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2020


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 13277
Rank by popularity: 23029
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Wealth. Fame. Authority. Power!
For those brave enough to step onto the road to divinity to traverse the nine realms, all these and more are within reach, provided they have the luck, skill-
"Wait, wait wait, What? The road to divinity is closed man, that's not what the story's about. Oh whoa, I get my words in quotes in the synopsis? Cozy."
...True. Then something more like..
In a city nearly consumed by anarchy, a piece of a treasure map left behind by a master thief silently vanishes from within a locked safe-
A mysterious stranger offers passage out of a dying realm to whoever wins an exceptionally dangerous race-
"Stop, stop, I mean, yeah that happens, but you're doing it all wrong, my guy."
Ok, then what do you suggest?
"It's an action story."
"The people came here for one thing:"
"So we give them Bullet points in the synopsis."
There's not actually an option for bullet points on the websi-

  • Gun toting gnomes: CHECK
  • Gum chewing succubi: CHECK
  • Speech impediments: CHECK
  • Black Holes: CHECK
  • Skyships: CHECK
  • Gods: CHECK
  • Snails: CHECK
  • Teenagers: CHECK
  • Gas masks: CHECK
  • "You're courting death!": CHECK
  • Frog beastmen blood mages with off brand batmobiles: CHECK
  • The meaning of family: CHECK
  • Racist middle aged women: CHECK
  • Child abuse: CHECK
  • The apocalypse: CHECK
  • Literal waterfalls of bullet casings ejected from hot, steamy guns (in your area, sign up now!): CHECK
  • Some chick named Holliday: CHECK
  • Swearing in at least three(3) languages (build your vocabulary!): CHECK
  • Existential dread: CHECK
  • Heroes of destiny: CHECK
  • A flying motorcycle that can rewrite the laws of nature and ignore causality: CHECK
  • A good old heaping scoop of violence: CHECK

"And that's just what we got in the first realm. We got a whole eight more to go! So suck your thumb and stick it in an electrical outlet baby, this is GATTICAN DRIVE!"

A dark comedy/ action epic set in a science fantasy world about a reality-altering motorcycle and its riders, narrated by a cynical, irresponsible, immature and petty disembodied voice that’s more interested in turning the whole thing into a slice of life than in any of the plot I described above. Updates... when I stop freaking out about editing and avoiding plotholes. The narrator’s whims will inevitably cause the story to follow a giant, diverse cast, so romance and sexual content, if there ever is any, will probably involve LGBT+ characters as often as straight characters. Content can range from laughably happy go lucky to cry yourself to sleep tragic. This story is set in the same universe as my other story, Death Quest.


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