The Darkness Inside

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Author: chris bashaw
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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My name is Miles Lawson, and I am 26 years old. Every day I answer some of the stupidest, most inane calls known to man. I'm supposed to be cheerful and happy to assist you when you’re a fucking moron who puts your laptop in the oven to dry it off when you spill something on it. I doubt I will have my job much loner though, five years ago a chip was invented that allows the human mind to interact directly with computers, so laptops and desktops are becoming antiques. They estimate that eighty percent of people in the United States will have the implants installed in the next five years so at some point I will get shit canned. In the meantime, though I have to stay positive and cheerful when I really want to just tell you to fuck off.
In my off time, I play games. I enjoy the freedom they give me for a few hours a day. So when I saw the advertisement for Everlife, I knew I had to get myself an implant and get the game when it was released. I have another day to wait, but I scheduled to take off from work for my two-week vacation. With the 8x time dilation that will round into around three months of gameplay depending on how often and how long I have to log off.
Welcome to Everlife, the first of its kind Full Immersion Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ever. In our world, you can do anything you want through an extensive quest system controlled by our exclusive AI that customizes quests based upon the individual actions of the players and translating that into custom stories that tie into other player’s stories which creates a totally custom play experience that is unlike any other. Our world is double the size of Earth and players will be able to affect what happens in the world, from the formation of cities and governments and beyond.
You must have an implant chip installed for at least six months before trying our product which includes a custom pod that interfaces with implants version 1.7 and later and is customizable to handle all body functions. MOBA Inc. accepts no liabilities for any damages incurred up to and including death.



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