Pokemon: Successors of The Forgotten

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Pokemon: Successors of The Forgotten
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Author: Angryasian
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Pokemon battling had been banned and the League was shut down until two years ago. Now with the league’s revival, many new trainers are now flocking to the gyms with dreams of becoming the new Pokemon Champion.

A group of young promising trainers receive an invitation from a wealthy friend of the family. This rich woman offers a great reward and in return, she asks for a simple task be done. What could this woman, who has everything, need from a band of young trainers?

First and foremost, this story is based on a Pokemon Tabletop Adventure (PTA) campaign. The campaign was the longest running PTA game that I am aware of, lasting roughly five years until the death of the development for the system.

While the story is based on the events that occurred during the game, I am taking artistic license for the purposes of turning it into a clear narrative. However, I will try to stick source material as closely as possible since this entire endeavor is to preserve and share the memories of the good times had during the campaign.


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