Yggdrasil Story - Double language version (Thai - Eng) ไทย-อังกฤษ For learners of Thai language

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Yggdrasil Story - Double language version (Thai - Eng) ไทย-อังกฤษ For learners of Thai language
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Six-years-war has ended, by the strength of only one man. Everyone calls him "Swordmaster". Unfortunately, this is not the story of such time of glory, bloodshed and.....Ruby, interrupting: Sola, why don't you just tell them that this is the story of a man in a harem full of beautiful flower girls.Almond: Could you not disturb her? This is the most important part of our story, and it could decide the future of us all.Ruby: And I want to ask you why the novel cover doesn't have me on it? Since I'm the main heroine and all.Sola: I am so fed up with pen tool.. uh... better not talk about it. So, we used a photo of flowers instead, and I think you are not the main heroine.Almond: It's a budget cost too. Those artists charge us over US$200. We are broke. Plain and simple.Ruby: That's really expensive, huh.Sola: Could you girls stop talking? So, I can continue with the synopsis....Ruby: I don't understand why this is so important.Sola: Ruby, listen. If we don't have a good synopsis, people will not buy our book, and then.....Iris: Then what? I want to know it too.Sola: Then there will be no book 2.Iris: No book 2, so what? Why should I care?Sola: Our universe will collapse, and we will disappear forever..Iris: What did you say?Almond: Well, too late now. You talked too much. We have run out of writing space...Ruby: What!!!!!NO!!! I don't want to DIE!!!!You do something sis!!! I should have done that human thing with our lord when I still had a chance. Noooooooo......Iris: Buy it now. People!! Yes, I mean, you!! YES! YOU!!! BUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYY....Iris is shouting as loud as if this is the last moment of her life, but no one listens.


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