Dies Irae: Strings of Fate

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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A genius scientist that is suffering from selective amnesia.
A man unworthy of his own name.
Unable to create his own masterpiece.

Unless he gives away his most precious possession.

Why must you fail at every turn? Why are you so useless? How far can you get with something that is not your own?
His father's words pierced deep into his heart. Just like his own name. A constant reminder of what he cannot be.
All his brothers were different from himself, and he felt that none of them had any similarities with each other.
My second eldest brother was simply a genius when it came to magic, his most well known achievement was the discovery that, the only way to allow a human being to obtain both the abilities to control Ki and Magic, they must first find a equilibrium between the two clashing energies and be born with the correct genes and physique.
While my third eldest brother was known for his great ability to control Ki, able to actually create a fully set of armour that was influenced from his fascination of lightning, where as his spear was created from his fascination of thunder, many hailed him as the lightning and thunder incarnate
However, my fourth eldest brother, that was meant to be stronger and more intelligent than the other two, he was simply bon with a feminine personality, or as my father saw it, weak. A physique able to channel and efficiently use both Ki and Magic, and the genes to back up the ability to use all elements, yet due to his, as my father would put it once again, unfortunate effort and personality, he had been unable to use either abilities to decent standards.
If there was a single brother I disliked, that would be the last out of my four brothers, mainly because he always came off as cold and indifferent, not even bothering to stick with his own brothers and constantly ignoring any effort any of us make to get close to him, he is the least I understand and therefor, the most disliked.
I am the eldest brother, the only seemingly normal one of of the five of us, and the most hardworking.
Research is my constant companion, but I will not be able to make a breakthrough unless I defy preconceived impossibilites.

Sacrifice is needed in order to gain true power of my own, and finally be accepted as his son, however I am seemingly at a cross roads as I ask myself a simple, but solemn question, "How much will I need to sacrifice until it is enough?"

Note from AU:
Just in case, AU stands for author.
2ch/w. If I can, 3ch/w.


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