The Promised Land

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Author: Candle Light
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Rank by rating: 10801
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Every decade has its own genius, no exceptions on that. Since the mastery of the fire to the modern Big Bang, commonly known as the internet, humankind always pushed through limits by working together towards a common goal. And that still holds till this era, 2032.
So much potential. Walter Unberg repeated his mother's words inside his mind as he stared down at downtown from his office at the Dreams INC. skyscraper.
So much lost potential. He thought as the sun downed upon the decaying city block, which became the sore spot of the impeccable metropolis. It was for sure a constant reminder of the abysmal difference in society for Walter; on one side, the richest company's building stood tall and mighty, but just two streets away slept the ones casten out from society.
All brilliant minds we could nurture... just being wasted like trash. Spectacular! And there is still more! The ones with access to education, in the end, work to make a living for themselves.
His head bulged with nerves as his pressure climbed to dangerous numbers. In spite of rage, he threw his coffee cup at his desk, ruining his computer - along with a week's worth of virtual paperwork. Fortunately or unfortunately, he was tooangry to care about that at the moment.
They aren't backing up on this... all my life's work is being dumped into the litter.
They are ruining the first Virtual Reality game of human history! All for the sake of microtransactions! Are they out of their damn minds? There won't be balance between players, it will be just like real life. Where is the fun on that?!
Walter glanced once more at the sunset before grabbing a portrait from under his workplace.
You know what? This game is ours, and we do whatever the hell we want with it.
I won't allow them to destroy our dream. With firm and resolute movements, he dialed his friends' numbers on his smartwatch, reuniting once more the original dev team.


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