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Author: Astarael
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 13
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 10405
Rank by popularity: 7332
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Premise:Leo Renaud is a twenty-nothing year old living out his best years in questionable fashion. An average student with a small group of tight knit friends, he is obsessed with a relatively outdated MMO called TantaMount, relegated to obscurity due to its high level of difficulty. On the way to a morning Chem class he gets knocked on his ass by a head turning ninja chick riding a motorcycle, who he swears he has seen as an NPC in TantaMount. Leo is slightly jarred at the time but can't seem to get her out of his head for the next few days. A bizarre occurrence in real life happens while Leo and his friends are at a bar, and a strange new figure shows up begging Leo to help Sarai (ninja girl) or she will be killed, but right afterwards is immediately shot down and killed, with the assassin unclear. Leo and friends regroup at his friend Stella's place, and he has them create profiles for TantaMount despite their disbelief and objections because he feels it is somehow tied to it. Nothing happens within the first hour of gaming, but with the second hour the group (Felix, Donovan, Stella, and Leo) have all been in contact with and NPC named Sarai who has a whole lot to say for a random NPC, most of which revolves around the fact that she thinks that in real life she is being followed. The group logs off and decide how they want to proceed, which for the moment is to stay at Stella's with two of them logged in and two standing guard at the actual place. Everything changes the next day while when logged in Leo is blindsided by Sarai and she is speaking nothing but jibberish, no longer viewed in game as an NPC but as an ally. But nothing she says makes sense, she looks frustrated, and blinks into oblivion. What's actually happening: Sarai has been captured and slowly killed by two rogue bosses from the game who found a way to bridge into reality. The same two bosses are what made so many quit the game in the first place, as no one had ever found a way to beat them. Eventually a pattern is revealed where they are killing off the strongest in-game players in real life and have been for years so that they can remain the apex predator in both the virtual game and in reality. Anyone that gets killed by them has their soul transported to the game, where they finish off their consciousness for good. Sarai had been tortured so she was briefly in between worlds, which caused the opening scene for Leo. With the two bosses having the ability to transport back and forth between virtual and reality, it is very difficult for them to link the killings, especially with one being female and one being male.


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