The Emperor of Traps

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The Emperor of Traps
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Author: Rabid Fan
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 10355
Rank by popularity: 21299
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The peaceful life of Hank will be permanently altered as misfotune enters his life.
An old friend claims Hank is in for a treat this afternoon.Supposedly this strange person has discovered a way to unlock the hidden potentials of the brain and will show the whole town this afternoon, it's not an event you want to miss.
Certain of the truth in this situation and of this lost friend, the man cautiously agrees to the proposal, it was probably a good idea to make a quick decision anyway.
But what if this lost friend is a con artist. Or what if everything told is completely true. How could an ordinary smith be relied upon in something this big. Either way, the choice has been made.
The meeting was to be memorable however, for all the wrong reasons.
Villiager A : "Did you hear about who got upset ?"
Villager B : "Was that big shot Battlemage with ties to the Royalty ?"
Villiager A : "Sure was " laughing " I wonder what Hank will do now .. "
Villiager B : "First thing he shouid do get a haircut "
Both villagers : "ha ha ha"
After that fated meeting Hank will be forced to cross some of the elements that come into play when creating traps and facing danger.
Watch as Hank explores ways of making traps more interesting, and more than just a bump in the road toward the end goal. Traps can be so much more than a simple arrow release tied to a door after all.

New Author here :
I do not accept any claims regarding quality of grammar or any standards conformity . unless your willing to explain or suggest changes properly.
If you want to re release this story on another website, please go away, thank you.
For any technology or copyright issues please refer the matter as 'fair use' and usually unaware.
Updates will be posted on irregular basis and may be frequent and or suddenly slowed.
Expect the usual Lit RPG elements with a heavy forcus on trap building rather then leveling up.
Life as a trapper can be lonely if your looking for a harem its probably been eaten by the monsters.
Main Story will generally be collections of first person accounts released linear to the timeline.
Strong Language warning .. I like to swear if you reading this at work lucky you I would get fired doing that.


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